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We are keen to encourage riders to experience taking their motorbikes out on a track day. A track day can be one of the most exciting experiences on a bike. I rode my first track day at Goodwood in 1992. I have organising and instructing on some private club track days.

What Are Motorbike Track Days All About?

Track days are all for nutters who get their knees down, then crash, on the latest race reps aren't they? NO!
motorbike track days have been around for over 20 years, but in the last few years they have become very popular. During the summer months there is a motorbike track day nearly every day of the week, with 90 plus riders at each one. During the winter British track day organisers take hundreds of riders to circuits in Spain and France. So there must be a good reason for all those people to go on them.
Most commercial track days run with three groups of riders. Each group can have up to 45 riders in it, who are roughly the same ability/speed.
Each group has a 20 minute session on the track every hour. So a typical track day will give you about 2 hours on the track. This is plenty of time to learn the track and have fun.
Most organisers also have some experienced racers on hand to help out with track riding, bike setup etc.

track day
Can not get your knee down? So what!
This photo is of Shelley Pike, one of the UK's fastest female racers. At only 5ft3 she can not reach the ground. But she is still very fast.

So Why Are Motorbike Track Days So Popular?

No Speed Limit - An obvious reason for taking your bike onto a race circuit is the luxury of no speed limits and no chance of getting points on your licence.
Riding on a Race Track - A race track is the same as any other road isn't it? Well no, it is very smooth, does not have manholes, pot holes, cat's eyes, white lines, cars, diesel spills, etc and because you get time to learn the track you can ride at higher speeds then you can on the road and still remain safely within your limits. Also you will be riding in the wheel tracks of the professional racers you see racing in the British Superbikes on TV.
Take your bike to its limit - To be honest most of us can not get anywhere near our bike's limits, even on the track. But we can ride to our limits.
Gain new skills - Because of the lack of other distractions on the track you are able to concentrate solely on your riding and improving it. This improvement will make you a safer road rider.
Experienced racers available for advice - The primary purpose of having "instructors" on a track day is to help with safety. However they are also there to offer help and advice with all aspects of track riding. They will also ride out on the track with you to help guide you.
track day

They are fun - This is the most important reason, nearly everyone leaves the track smiling and looking forward to the next track day.
So there are lots of reasons to go on a track day, but aren't they dangerous? It would be a lie to say there are no crashes on track days. However if you ride within your limits there is no reason to crash.

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